Control cracking due to thermal extremes

imix XS steel fiber concrete reinforcement is delivered integrally and evenly mixed in the concrete. There is no need for placement of mats, rebar, wire mesh or other traditional reinforcement methods. Simply finish imix XS like regular concrete - the reinforcing fibers are already in the concrete.

imix XS meets code

imix XS steel fibers ESR 3226 – listed as ESR 1726 in code publications prior to 2015 – complies with the 2015 IBC International Building Code© and the 2015 IRC International Residential Code© to minimize shrinkage and temperature cracking of structural plain, normal-weight concrete footings. It is also used for structural plain, normal-weight concrete slabs supported directly on the ground (slabs on grade.)

  • XS steel fibers comply with ASTM A 820, Type 1
  • imix XS mix complies with ASTM C 1116, Type 1

For the full International Codes Council (ICC) Evaluation Report No. ESR 3226 on this product, go to

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