imix EZ Wall specifications

Up to 8 Inches


Exceeds local code requirements

Set time

3-4 hours @ 70o F

Questions? Ask us!

We welcome your questions. Our employees know concrete inside and out

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Waterproof your concrete walls with imix EZ Wall WP. Batched with your concrete, imix EZ Wall WP resists water penetration throughout the entire depth of the concrete. It eliminates the need for surface waterproofing coatings and sealers. It saves you time. Backfill can be applied the same day the forms are removed. imix EZ Wall WP produces a smooth, finished wall.

Waterproofing concrete is delivered already mixed

Simply pour and finish your walls. The waterproofing agents are batched with your concrete.

No additional waterproofing treatment necessary

Eliminates the need for surface waterproofing coatings and sealers. Once the concrete has cured, it resists water penetration.

Smooth finished walls

Designed for easy placement and minimal rubbing when the forms come down, imix EZ Wall WP produces a creamy paste and a slick wall finish.

Self heals cracks

If microcracks develop in your walls, imix EZ Wall WP is engineered to chemically fill the void and keep the crack from growing.

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