Keep your roads clear of ice and snow with imix Winter Abrasive, a proprietary blend of natural sand and ice-melting calcium chloride.

• Available on demand. No need for pre-seasonal purchases or stockpiles.

• Melts ice at lower temperatures than road salt.

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imix Winter Abrasive

imix Winter Abrasive melts snow and ice on contact

If you are looking for a cost effective alternative to salt ice-melters, imix Winter Abrasive is a solid road application that activates upon contact with moisture. Unlike rock salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) imix Winter Abrasive begins to melt ice immediately. Winter Abrasive is a mix of sand and calcium chloride (CaCl2) which absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and chemically heats up. This process allows Winter Abrasive to keep water from freezing below zero. Rock salt stops melting ice around 20 above zero. We produce imix Winter Abrasive locally at our batching plants.
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