imix EZ Footing specifications

up to 8 Inches


Exceeds local code requirements

Set time

3-4 hours @ 70o F

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Foundation footings are easy to pour with imix EZ Footing, the residential concrete designed specifically
for home construction. With slumps delivered up to 8 inches, imix EZ Footing comes off the truck quickly and
needs no added water.
If you are placing two sticks of rebar in your footings, imix Footing XS meets code as an alternative
replacement for rebar to minimize shrinkage and control temperature cracking. The imix XS steel fibers are
mixed throughout the concrete. They provide a uniform, three-dimensional reinforcement in your foundation.
Listed in the 2015 IRC/IBC (ESR 3226)

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Steel fiber reinforcement

Listed in the 2015 IRC/IBC, imix XS is recognized as an alternative for rebar in foundation footings. Comes integrally mixed, finished like regular concrete.

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Guaranteed set times down to 20oF

Keep working even when the temperature drops. No heating blankets or tents, non-chloride..

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Our imix products are tested, tried and trusted

All of our imix products undergo extensive lab and field testing from our vendors and QC/QA personnel. They represent our best concrete products.

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