imix Eco Pave is a pervious concrete that allows water to run through the slab instead of off of it, carrying debris and pollutants into streams and retention ponds. It is an effective way to process storm water. It filters pollutants out of the water as it flows through the surface of the concrete and refreshes natural aquifers below the surface. It saves space as it reduces need for retention ponds and storm sewers.

Eliminate retention ponds, save space with imix Eco Pave

Are you looking for ways to maximize land usage and keep your building costs in check? Consider imix Eco Pave. This pervious concrete allows water to run through the hard surface through aggregate voids in the concrete. With up to 25% void, water can be retained just under the pavement until it naturally percolates back into the soil. This greatly reduces, and in some situations, eliminates the need for retention ponds. Banking the terrain to a drain is unnecessary with imix Eco Pave.

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