We deliver concrete for do-it-yourself projects. Follow our five-step process for successful concrete pours and finishing.

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Step 1

Figure the materials needed

  • Measure the area where you are pouring your concrete. Figure the amount of aggregates and concrete by using our calculators.

Step 2

Prep the area

If you are pouring your concrete on the ground, make sure you have leveled and compacted the soil. Clear the area of any trash or other debris. Drain off any standing water.

  • Add an aggregate base, such as stone, gravel or sand and make sure it is leveled and compacted.
  • Set your forms. You can use lumber that is the same width as the desired depth of your concrete. (For instance, use 2x4 forms if you want a 4 inch concrete depth.) Make sure the forms are level. You can use a string level. Secure the forms with stakes on the outside of the forms.
  • If you are pouring against existing concrete or masonry, put an expansion joint strip (available at our plants) against the existing surface that will make contact with the new concrete.
  • If you are pouring in extreme heat or cold, you may want to add a vapor barrier (plastic sheeting) across the base and the inside of the forms. This will keep critical moisture from being drawn away from the concrete during curing.

Step 3

Order your concrete

  • Find an IMI concrete plant location near you. You can use our Location Finder. Call the sales representative listed.
  • Explain your project. Our sales reps will help you order the correct concrete for your project, including admixtures to control cracking, aid in curing, compensate for weather conditions, etc.
  • Schedule delivery. You should take note of the weather. Never schedule delivery when there is a chance of windy or rainy conditions. Heat and cold extremes are also times of concern for pouring concrete. Also make sure you have enough help to complete your project when the concrete is delivered. Pouring and finishing concrete is hard work and cannot be done by one person alone. You must have a crew to move the concrete quickly. Ask your sales rep for the number of people needed to complete your project.
  • Payment can be made by credit card when you order or by check when the concrete is delivered.

Step 4

Finishing your concrete

  • Work quickly and level the concrete to the top of the forms. Use a piece of lumber longer than the width of the concrete to drag across the top of the forms. Fill in any low spots. Make sure you are filling all the voids.
  • You can finish the concrete with a trowel or concrete broom. Ask your sales rep about finishing tools and methods.

Step 5


It is very important that you allow the concrete proper time and conditions to cure. This includes making sure that it dries out evenly.

  • In hot or dry conditions, it is important that you keep the surface moist. We sell evaporation retardants at our concrete plants. This can be applied after you have finished the concrete and will slow the evaporation of water on the surface of the concrete.
  • In windy conditions, you may need to cover the surface with plastic sheeting. Ask your sales rep about proper protection during curing.
  • After the concrete is cured, you should seal it. IMI sells sealers at our plants based on your concrete.
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