IMI delivers fiber admixtures in our concrete. Fibers are integrally mixed in your concrete to provide three dimensional crack controls. Concrete fibers vary in length, thickness and fiber count. Talk to your local IMI sales representative to discuss your particular job and to determine the type and amount of fiber needed.

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Which fiber is right for you?

Fiber added to your concrete will help to control cracking. Cracking can occur for a variety of reasons. See the chart below to determine your usage and crack control options. Certain fiber types may not be stocked at all locations. Please call ahead.
NRMCA Synthetic Fibers for Concrete
NRMCA Joints in Concrete Slabs on Grade

  Fiber Category Micro Synthetic Polypropylene Micro Synthetic Cellulose imix XS Steel Fiber
Fibrillated Monofilament
Residential slabs on grade   *
Light commercial slabs on grade  
Foundation footings        
Heavy commercial/Industrial slabs on grade        
Elevated decks        
Pavement and roads        
Overlays (white topping)    
Colored concrete    
Controls thermal cracking    
Controls plastic shrinkage cracking  
Replaces rebar as a non-structural crack control        
Replaces welded wire fabric for crack control    
Alkali/Chemical resistant    

*Cannot be broom finished with this type of fiber

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