Up to 25,000 square feet without a control joint

See how System-K was used to eliminate joints in this meat processing plant

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System-K is a high-performance fiber reinforced floor slab that combines the advantages of Type K shrinkage-compensating cement with advanced fiber reinforcement.

System-K Advantages

  • Concrete floors with up to 150’ joint spacing
  • Minimal rebar reinforcement
  • Prevents curling
  • Reduces thermal and plastic shrinkage cracking
  • Dimensionally stable super flat floors
  • Reduces construction costs
  • Minimizes operational and maintenance costs

System-K is perfect for warehouse floors, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities

  • Minimize floor joints and costly maintenance
  • Eliminate locations for bacterial growth
  • Eliminate curling and drying shrinkage

Recreational facilities

  • Where flatness and levelness are critical
  • Ice rinks, pools, sports courts, skate parks

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System-K Field Reference Guide

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