Project: Brock Grain Bins - Fort Branch, IN
Customer: K&H Farms
Contractor: Kiesel Enterprises - Princeton, Indiana
Project obstacles and solutions: K&H Farms in Fort Branch, Indiana purchased a new Brock's 54" diameter grain bin. Installation of the silo was performed by Kiesel Enterprises. Kiesel's is a Brock's Product-certified Dealer from Princeton, Indiana. Brock's engineering specifications have recently been adjusted to allow engineered steel fiber to replace welded wire fabric in the concrete floor of their bins.

IMI supplied Kiesel's with over 75 yards of imix XS steel fiber reinforced concrete. The steel fiber is integrally mixed in the concrete. This helps the construction of grain bins in two ways. First, it speeds up the construction process. There is no need to fit and place welded wire fabric the day before the pour. The steel fibers don't need any special placement. The concrete is simply finished as it normally would on any other pour. Secondly, imix XS is evenly distributed throughout the concrete slab. This typically does not happen when WWF is pulled up into the concrete during the pour. When there are inconsistencies in reinforcement, you have the risk of cracking due to temperature extremes. The concrete slab on the K&H job was formed, poured and finished all in one day.

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