Project: PSC Metals stockyard
Customer: PSC Metals, Nashville, TN
Contractor: Denham & Blythe Company
Finisher: J&R Construction
Project obstacles and solutions: PSC Metals had a need for a reinforced concrete surface for their stockyards. With heavy equipment rolling over the yard constantly, the concrete needed to be strong and durable. The job called for #4 rebar double mats to be placed in the 10-12" thick slabs-on-grade. With weather extremes in middle Tennessee, temperature cracking is always a concern.

IMI suggested using imix XS in place of rebar mats. Since the job site did not have to be prepped for the reinforced mats, IMI was able to help the customer save time and money. "We were able to shave days off of the project just by using imix XS," stated Doug Poe of IMI. This helped PSC's crews get back in the stockyards sooner than was anticipated. The slab has held up well, without the weak spots that can sometimes occur with misplaced mats.

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