Project: Industrial parking lot - Nashville, TN
Customer: Institutional Wholesale Company
Contractor: Heritage Construction
Finisher: Reese Enterprises
Project obstacles and solutions: The Institutional Wholesale Company was expanding their industrial parking lot and creating more interior space for their Nashville, Tennessee distribution plant. They needed a durable parking lot for the semi-truck traffic and loading dock areas. This project required secondary reinforcement for all slab-on-grade applications. General contractor, Max Carter of Heritage Construction, was faced with a dilemma. With a combined 175,000 square feet of interior/exterior concrete, the fluctuating price of welded wire mesh threatened his cost of construction. Carter looked for an alternative reinforcement material that would meet specs and reduce his costs.

IMI was able to help Heritage Construction save costs by using imix XS, steel fiber reinforced concrete. Using imix XS helped Heritage in several ways. First, since the reinforcing steel fibers are already mixed in the concrete batch, it saved labor costs associated with wire mesh. It eliminated any prep work in laying the fabric. It also eliminated the need for workers to pull the wire up into the concrete during the finishing process. Next, Heritage found that imix XS provided uniform distribution of steel throughout the depth of the slab. Wire mesh is notorious for leaving weak spots where the reinforcing wire is not placed properly. This leads to cracks in the concrete. The steel fibers in imix XS are evenly dispersed throughout the concrete. Finally, imix XS provided consistent, dependable pricing, on-time inventory and easier placement.

Heritage Construction and Reese Enterprises completed a 115,000 square foot exterior addition to the parking lot and a 60,000 square foot interior addition utilizing 4,000 yards of imix XS.

“Having dependable pricing throughout the project reduced my in-place costs. Installation of imix XS eliminated the labor involved with wire mesh. It turned a tightly budgeted job into a profitable one,” states Max Carter, owner of Heritage Construction.

This project was awarded the 2009 Tennessee Concrete Association Best Finishing Commercial Product.

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